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Illustrated Coaching is a unique combination of transformational business coaching and visual storytelling.

With Illustrated Coaching the key themes arising from the coaching conversation - the metaphors and symbols, the dream images and ideas - are captured pictorially.  


These images bypass rational thinking, making the unseen seen, creating fresh insight into behaviour patterns and beliefs.

They encourage richer self-reflection, enhance clarity of purpose and reveal hidden potential.

How sessions work
  • Like all good coaching relationships the process starts by exploring themes of particular interest and importance to my client.

  • These themes are expressed as images - as stories, symbols and metaphors - which I capture in sketch form.

  • The images in turn trigger fresh reflections, insights and intuitive leaps.  

  • Over time, the sketches are refined into vivid representations of the client's thought process. 

  • In this example (right) my client explored his sense of career drift, of feeling overwhelmed by the options and decisions facing him.

  • He described images of branching paths, of his uncertainty over which path to choose, and of his desire for a "dashboard compass to show me where I need to go."

Compass sketch 1_edited_edited.jpg

Click the navigation arrows for other recent examples of Illustrated Coaching work.  Click on the images for larger views.

Case studies

Tracy Sinclair, coach, supervisor and former chair of the International Coaching Federation shares her experiences of working on an Illustrated Coaching project.

"This has gone from something almost dreamlike to a statement of who I am and who I want to be."

Winding sheet

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What are the benefits of Illustrated Coaching?

For some it’s an opportunity to uncover patterns of thinking and to approach professional and personal challenges with a fresh, creative perspective.  For others it's a fun and intuitive way of finding meaning in the random, like looking at ink blots or tea leaves. 

Using a visual language instead of a verbal one disrupts habitual beliefs and ways of thinking.  We literally see things differently, understand things from a different perspective and notice different options

How should I prepare for a session?

Spend some time thinking about the issues or themes you’d like to explore.  What you see when you think of the topic? What is happening?  Does it take the form of a static object or is there movement and action?  Have you recently dreamt about it?   Do you use certain recurring metaphors?   How do you feel when these images appear and what actions spring to mind as a result?

Or simply think about images that attract you - representational or abstract - free of meaning or interpretation.

How will a session work in practice?

At our first session we will explore these themes and associated images as the building blocks of the Illustrated Coaching process.  They will then be loosely incorporated into the first draft of a digital illustration. 

The draft will be shared and the process continued in a spirit of genuine shared creativity.  As the illustration evolves, its meaning and significance will come into focus.  Unexpected connections will emerge, ‘aha’ moments of self-discovery.